NPR’s ‘Adoption in America’ Series

NPR’s ‘Adoption in America’ Series

Just thought I’d drop in with this pretty large series that NPR has undertaken on adoption. It’s a range of stories from Indian, and Korean transracial transnational adoptees, and even one domestic transracial adoption story.

The series is broken down into an Intro, followed by three Parts, all of which are stories from either adoptees or adoptive parents.

I’m not completely sure I agree with the ways in which NPR has framed some of these stories, yet I do think it’s good that there is still media coverage.

Hopefully I’ll have some more time to give more of these stories some thought, but for now just take a look, and take a listen. In some ways I think there is a bit of an agenda in the ways the stories were put together, but I suppose I’m more of a conspiracy theorist at heart so feel free to form your own conclusions.  😉  –G.S.

Adoption in America

In a series of conversations, four families and adoptees reflect on their experiences with adoption, and share the stories that define who they have become.



in this Series


Adoption in America: A Series Overview

July 23, 2007 · An adopted child changes a family forever. Families and adoptees have learned that it’s not just family photos that change — but entire family trees, family traditions and family stories that are altered by an adopted child’s own story.



Part 1: Mother, Son Offer Transracial Adoption Insights

July 23, 2007 · When Judy and Bob Stigger decided to adopt nearly three decades ago, they chose children who very obviously didn’t look like them. The white couple adopted two children who are biracial, a decision that meant a lifetime of learning for their family. Web Extra: Advice for Adoptive Parents



Part 2: An Adoption Gone Wrong

July 24, 2007 · After adopting two sisters from India, David and Desiree Smolin were shocked to learn that the girls’ birth mother had been tricked into giving them up. The Smolins say their experience reveals the dark side of international adoptions.


Part 3: A Korean American Reflects on Life as an Adoptee

July 25, 2007 · When Susan Cox was adopted from South Korea, she was quickly Americanized by the Oregon couple who became her parents. Now, more than 50 years later, Cox says, there is more awareness about maintaining a connection to adopted children’s native cultures.


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