Resiliance Film

I just wanted to make another shout out for this film “Resiliance.”  It’s not quite out yet, but they do have a myspace page and website.  Thanks to the K@W listserv again for reminding of this film.  I really hope I can see this soon.

***AND again just another note.  There seems to be even more confusion over the repost of that “Parenting is a Gift” essay from NPR.  I AM NOT AN ADOPTIVE FATHER.  I am a Korean Adoptee.  I just wanted to set the record straight because I have been noticing people linking my blog to other blogs saying that I’m a “soon to be adoptive father.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Please look at the posts and look at the links before jumping to conclusions.  sighs:: *** 


*Resilience* is an independent documentary film that explores the issues of
inter-country adoption through the perspective of Korean birth mothers. *
Resilience* reveals a side of inter-country adoption that is rarely looked
at and often forgotten. For the very first time, Korean birth mothers break
long-silenced shame and isolation to share their personal stories behind why
they gave up their children and the impact the decision has had on their
lives ever since.

Although international adoption is largely a humanitarian effort, there are
misconceptions about international adoption that many people are not aware
of. Poverty and lack of welfare used to be the reasons why a country could
not keep its own children. What is interesting to realize now is that Korea
continues to send their children abroad despite a stable and well-developed
economy. South Korea is the 3rd largest economy in Asia, 10th largest in the
world. Why is it still sending its children overseas?
The questions explored in this film are:
(1) What are the reasons why families are torn a part?
(2) What are the effects of separation on birth families left behind?
(3) What are possible solutions to improve women & children’s rights in
Korea? worldwide?

For more information about this documentary…


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