Some Clarification

Hi all,

This will be a quick and short post just because I wanted to clarify one thing.  Sometimes I decide to repost articles or stories I find that in some way relate to adoption.  I usually link the article to the original source, and provide a quick little explanation of where it came from and why I may have chosen to link it.  I really do this for conversation fodder.  That’s the whole aim of my blog, is to get dialogues going that hinge on issues related to Adoption.

I chose to post this piece of clarification because I think there has been some confusion in the past when I repost articles and don’t necessarily write why I may have chosen to repost such pieces.  Many are incredibly problematic, which is the reason I repost them-because I think it’s really important to question and critique the ways in which adoption is understood through media channels.

In the future I’ll make it more of a point to include some brief analysis, and cite the reasons I have decided to repost particular articles.

Happy Blogging,



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