The First AFAAD Dinner

Here’s an announcement courtesy of the TRARepresent listserv.  I hope they don’t mind me throwing up a little promotion for their org, I just thought some of you out in the Bay area would be interested.  -G.S.
Hey all –

Its time to have our first AFAAD (adopted and fostered adults of the
african diaspora) Bay Area dinner! I’ve been doing lots of work
getting us to non-profit status, developing some marketing strategies
and thinking hard about the international nature of where we want the
organization to go.

This is not a working meeting, even though I will be discussing what
each and everyone of you want out of our gathering together. This is
more of a meet and greet, tell stories (or not) but just be together
‘thang’. If you are interested in the development of the organization
itself, make sure I know about your interest –
we’ll be having a working meeting soon.

Please bring other folks you know!! and please also be sure you are
sending me emails and names when you come across folks so we can add
them to the AFAAD member email list.

DINNER Details –
Siam Bay Thai Resturant
1009 Clay Street (btwn 10th and 11th)
Oakland, CA

(510) 452-1499

I hope you can make it. Please call me or email me if you have
questions. 510-836-0133

I cant wait to see everyone. PLEASE RSVP!!
Lisa Marie

To join AFAAD email list:
TRA Represent!


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