What is Pro Busqueda?

Thanks to the K@W listserv for reminding me of Pro Busqueda.  Some of you may recall a few posts in the past referring to El Salvadoran adoptees and various organizations that have sprung up since then.  Pro Busqueda is one of them, and I just thought I’d highlight it for everyone to see.

What is Pro Búsqueda

What is Pro Busqueda? Pro Busqueda is an Association of Salvadoran families who have suffered – and in some cases continue to suffer- from the forced disappearance of their sons and daughters due to the civil war in El Salvador.

The activities carried out by Pro Busqueda are situated within the civilian victims of war movement in El Salvador together with the heroic committees of the Mothers of the Disappeared: COMADRES, CODEFAM, Y COMFAC.

Pro Busqueda was founded on the basis of a simple but brutal question that rips with pain the hearts of the mothers and fathers who live in anguish: Where is my son? Where is my daughter? From these questions the Association has over time evolved its mission to its now solid form of to “Search and locate children who disappeared as a result of the armed conflict in El Salvador, and once found, to promote the reunification and reintegration of the family unit. In this fashion the demands for truth, justice and reparation, which the victims have against the Salvadoran state, come to pass.”

The most notable aspect of Pro Busqueda’s members is their ability to maintain their unity for such a long time. 12 years have passed and more than 500 families of farmers from humble homes maintain their unity with the hope of finding their disappeared sons and daughters.

Other countries of the Central American region who also suffered from armed conflicts during the 70`s and 80`s are not exempt from the problem of missing children. Pro-Búsqueda has regionalized and extended the topic at hand by sharing their experience in other countries, particularly with the Human Rights Institutions in Guatemala, which form the Guatemalan National Search Commission (Comisiòn Nacional de Busqueda).

The Association of Pro Busqueda has reached a level of development, in which compared to human life, is equal to a mature age. From this perspective it is noted that the Association is at its peak in its struggle of political advocacy due to the decision and sentencing of the International Human Rights Court in the Serrano Cruz case. From this Pro Busqueda has become a direct activist when dealing with the topic of justice and its relations with the Salvadoran state.


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