Vietnamese Adoptees in Australia

 Sorry for all the “<” in this post.  When I copied and pasted it over from the K@W listserv things got a little dicey.  As I have been immersing myself in census data about adoptees I found this pretty interesting.  It’s definitely a smaller population, but that’s what makes it the most difficult.  Check out the adoptees of Western Australia at the bottom.  It’s good to see that there are some support networks out there for our Vietnamese adopted brothers and sisters.

For some time now I have been compiling the statistics of all the
> intercountry adoptions to Australia since the early 1970s. I am
> nearly finished but a few gaps remain, including the numbers who
> arrived before the Vietnamese airlift.
> I am therefore seeking your help. I know that the AVI website
> estimates the number of children from Vietnam to be between 281 and
> 350, but I am already up to 414. What I have so far is as follows:
> pre-1974 – 5 to Victoria (based on book The Waifs by R. Briand 1973)
> 1 to Tasmania ( Based on Briand book)
> 3 to WA (based on WA stats)
> total 9
> from Joint Committee on ICA 1986
> 1974/75 111 to NSW
> 115 to Vic
> 12 to WA
> 138 to South Australia
> 3 ACT
> total 379
> 1975/76 4 Vic
> 7 Qld
> 3 Tasmania
> total 14
> 1976/77 8 Tasmania
> 1 Victoria
> 1978-79 1 Victoria
> 1981-82 1 NT
> 1989-90 1 Tasmania
> total 12
> Overall estimated Total 414
> The figures are documented estimates only because at the time some
> states (WA, NSW, QLD and NT) recognised the overseas adoption
> orders and the children entered Australia as dependent children of
> their adoptive parents instead of adopted children. In other
> states (Vic, SA, Tas & ACT) if the parents had not lived overseas
> for at least 12 months the overseas adoption order was not
> recognised. They had to be completed or validated in the local
> state court and were thus included in the state adoption statistics.
> Another statistical complication is that many of the adoption
> completions and validations took some time to be finalised because
> some states’ adoption legislation did not provide for intercountry
> adoption. This means that for a number of adoptees who arrived
> before or during the airlift in the financial year of 1974-75 their
> adoption was finalised and recorded a year or more later and thus
> appear in the statistics of later years e.g. Tasmania and WA.
> The pre-1974-75 figures for Victoria and Tasmania I have listed
> above are from non-departmental sources. I get the impression from
> the 1986 Joint Committee report that, based on migrant entry data
> up to 1986, there were another couple of hundred adoptees who
> entered Australia as dependent children. I am trying to get an
> idea how many of these came from Vietnam and surrounding countries.
> To make sure people are not counted twice, I am therefore looking for:
> 1. intercountry adoptees who arrived before 1975 from Vietnam and
> surrounding countries and entered Australia as the dependent child
> of their adoptive parents;
> 2. intercountry adoptees who arrived after May 1975 and before 1986
> originating from Vietnam or any other country and entered Australia
> as the dependent child of their adoptive parents.
> I know this is a rather ambitious search but look forward to your
> help.
> Kind regards,
> Trudy Rosenwald
> email
> > Western Australia


One Comment on “Vietnamese Adoptees in Australia

  1. Thanks for posting this info. Hopefully more people can help out with the numbers and get the word out.

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