Looking for Unnaturalized Korean Adoptees

Ok well, I’m going to leave this next post up for a little while.

I left a post a few weeks ago about a radio program called ‘US Asians’ that I am currently helping develop with the Institute for Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. The program aspires to be the first National Asian American Radio program in history. As part of a large grant that we are submitting to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, we are putting together a number of radio module submissions.

After much coercion, I have convinced my colleagues that a piece on transracially adopted Asian and more specifically Korean adoptees will make a good piece for the grant. Within this group of adoptees we are explicitly looking for those adoptees who were NOT naturalized upon their arrival to the U.S. by their a-parents. This subpopulation is relatively uncharted territory and does not have a good deal of information available, but in light of the recent deportation cases of transracial adoptees it is quite obvious that there are those who were not naturalized and remain non-citizens.

If you are interested in potentially sharing your story via email, or by interview, or if you know a particular expert or lawyer that specifically deals with these sort of immigration issues for adoptees please contact me at gangshik.kadnexus@gmail.com.


One Comment on “Looking for Unnaturalized Korean Adoptees

  1. Hey Nate…
    I’ve seen you around xanga and on the bka list serve…and I just heard tonight at an APA meeting that you spoke at a conference at UMass Amherst a month or two ago (I was at an adoptee conference in wakefield MA that day..) and that you’ll be speaking soon at Amherst…

    Anyways. Just wanted to say hi, and hopefully I’ll make it over to Amherst on the 5th ๐Ÿ™‚ G’luck with finishing off the semester~


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