Domestic & International Adoptee Film Project Announcement

I caught whiff of this new film project from an email. Thanks to Anh from

Note – We strongly encourage adopted persons living in countries outside of
the US to submit. Members of the project committee are hoping to connect
with adopted persons who were born in the US and adopted into European
countries, Korean adopted persons living in Korea, adopted persons living in
Australia, and other adopted persons living in Europe. If you are
interested, please contact Jennifer Arndt-Johns.

International Adoptee Congress

Call for Participants: “Voices of Adoption” (working title)
A Rainbow World Production

To all domestic and internationally adopted individuals, fellow members of
the adoption community are creating a feature length documentary, “Voices of
Adoption” (working title) that will serve as
a springboard for introducing your numerous, rich, and compelling voices to
the world. The time is right for the general public, as well as rest of the
adoption community, to hear about “what adoptees think” from those who have
been adopted, rather than from celebrities, adoption professionals,
pseudo-psychologists on television, scholars, and the like. The documentary
will be entered into mainstream film festivals and public exhibition forums.
Ultimately, our aspiration is to have it picked up for wide distribution.
Indeed, our goals for the project are ambitious, but our optimism is not
unfounded – we believe in the power of our vast community and we are
committed to having your perspectives, insights and voices heard. To create
the documentary, we, of course, need you. There are two ways for you to


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