Kristina Wong vs Kenneth Eng

Forgot about this link but I remembered when I saw an advertisement that Kristina Wong is performing near by. If you’ve never heard of Kristina Wong, I really suggest you familiarize yourself with her. She’s an Asian American Political activist performer.

Here’s her regular website… Kristina Wong

Here’s where the fun begins – I’m sure you’ve all heard about the whole controversy Kenneth Eng started with his column in Asian Week entitled “Why I hate Blacks.” If you’re not familiar with Kenneth Eng, check out his interview on fox. But first, here is Kristina Wong’s rebuttle. If it’s not as funny on youtube, I understand…You’ll just have to see her in person to appreciate her work.


4 Comments on “Kristina Wong vs Kenneth Eng

  1. No Problem Kristina! I really enjoyed seeing you perform when I was an undergrad. Hope all is well. take care

  2. I went to UMass Amherst. I was part of Asian Americans for Political Awareness at the time who helped bring you to UMass. You should try to get a gig at the East Meets West Bookstore with Boston Progress. It’s an Asian American artists collective out here in Boston. They also have a radio station

    They’d probably like to interview you and maybe if you have a cd out, they’d play your material on air.

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