In Third Space

I think a lot of adoptees feel this Third Space of identity. Adoptees tend to always be cast as not being enough of this or that-caught in the middle not being able to choose which aspect of their identity means more to them. But I think we need to stop thinking in this way. Our identity exists in a Third Space-it’s not half of one and half of another. We just ARE. And I think empowering ourselves to acknowledge that there is this Third Space where we don’t necessarily have to think about who we’re not enough of, and more about who we are is important. All this dialogue all because of this new Adoptee publication I just found online.

Appropriately, it’s called “In Third Space.” I wish they had a print version because I think it’s a great resource to have for the adoptee community. I’m also impressed because Kim Park Nelson and Anh Dao Kolbe (who are contributers to the book Outsiders within) are featured in it (and I met them and they are so great). Take a peek, and enjoy.

I know this is sort of a cheat post so I’ll be back later today with a post with a little more KAD substance! Be sure to check in later.


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