Same-sex couples allowed adoption in 6 counties of NH

N.H. House OKs adoption law change
By Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H. — The state House voted yesterday to allow unmarried adults — including gay couples — to adopt children together.

State law allows children to be adopted by married couples or single adults. Gay individuals can adopt, but same-sex couples can adopt in only six of the state’s 10 counties because probate judges interpret the law differently.

The 234-127 vote sent the bill to the Senate.

Representative Jayne Spaulding said current law is “neither fair nor just” because some courts allow the adoptions while others don’t. The Bedford Republican said the bill is needed to correct an ambiguity.

“This bill is not about whether gays or lesbians should be allowed to adopt,” said Spaulding, who noted a ban on gays adopting was lifted in 1999.

Not just gay couples would be affected, she added. A brother and sister might want to adopt a younger sibling if their parents were dead, she said.

Representative Dan Itse, a Fremont Republican, objected that the bill would allow same-sex couples to adopt as a couple — a debate the House will have when it considers pending bills to allow civil unions and same-sex marriage. Itse predicted the House will approve one of the bills and make the adoption bill unnecessary.

Itse also pointed out that unmarried couples can split up without getting divorced, which means there is no court oversight of the child’s welfare.


For quite some time since anyone can remember adoption has not only been a controversial issue on face value, but has also held some charged opinions regarding same-sex marriage. Psychologists and conservative individuals see not only same sex marriage as a threat to the institution of the “American heterosexual family,” but attempt to assert that their children will be sexually abused, and pushed into lives in the LGBTIQ community. Their information is based on false pretenses, and homophobic foundations through institutions such as religion. The actual statistics do not show any more sexual abuse in same sex couples than heterosexual couples.

The American institution of “the family” is grounded on the role of parenting. Families are not considered legitimate unless offspring (biological, or adopted) children are part of the equation. This flagrant denial of same sex couples of adopting children attempts to continue to challenge and supplement a conservative agenda to cripple the legitimacy and legality of same sex marriage. By asserting that same sex couples are “atypical” and that they can potentially “contaminate” their adopted children with homosexuality is a conservative political wedge that is being driven deep into the American consciousness as a way to preserve the sacred definition of the family, while stigmatizing the LGBTIQ community’s right to rear children. If child rearing itself becomes the defining factor in institutionalizing a family, by denying same sex couples adoption it hinders their acceptance and institutionalization as a legitimate “American Family.”

As same sex marriage begins to gain momentum in the legislature across the country, I believe conservatives realize they need to have a two-prong attack on same sex marriage. While limiting same sex marriage is one route to take, they have also sought additional methods to delegitimize families through political provisions on adoption. When those methods fail on states such as Massachusetts, they look to channel this same political agenda through adoption which becomes the cornerstone in establishing a legitimate family. This enables those who wield influence and political clout on the adoption industry the power of deciding who is allowed to have families in the U.S.


2 Comments on “Same-sex couples allowed adoption in 6 counties of NH

  1. B”H
    Some say: “All you need is love.”
    The word “Love’ is a big word. What about discipline? What about morals? With the huge AIDS crisis around is ‘I do my thing and you do yours,’ credo good for the individual and society?
    The purpose of marriage is not only children.
    As an Orthodox Jew I just read an interesting interpretation of a sentence in Bereshis (Genesis).
    “It is not good for man to be alone,” goes the sentence. However, the Holy Tongue (Hebrew-everybody’s language) has flexible and unique possibilities of interpretation.
    The Zohar (Shining) interprets it: “Man is not good when he is alone.” Meaning that a man (Not a woman) is not ‘good’ when alone. That a man tends to be more selfish than a woman and needs a woman in order to give and really be happy. Rich or poor, those that give are the happiest.
    I would NEVER entrust a child to a homosexual couple. You’ll end up with more sodomy, more AIDS, more degredation, etc.
    Homosexual couples claim all you need is ‘love.’ I’d be interested to see what goes on in their homes: fights, etc.
    True, it can go on in ‘straight’ homes also. But to put a child in a home and subject them to the added risk of observing homosexual behavior (Children are curious) shows we do not care about children.
    This is NOT ‘love.’

  2. Ok, Boruch I will not tolerate misogyny or homophobia on my blog. This is the one and only time I will allow this comment to surface. After this, I will not tolerate your hateful comments.

    It’s absurd for you to even think that glbt couples have some increased potential to abuse their children. And also please do not use “homosexual” because it has a long history of biological and medical discrimination. I would never entrust a child to you after hearing what you have to say. There are absolutely no basis for any of your wild claims about glbt couples abusing their children, spreading aids or “spreading” their sexual orientation. I have actually seen studies that show the exact opposite, that in fact heterosexual couples have a higher rate of abuse. Also, your whole notion that these couples will “spread” their sexuality is sickening-it’s based on a false notion that sexuality is a life choice, and that it is a “disease” that can be spread.

    I sincerely hope you don’t have any children yourself, because the only infectious disease that is spreadable to children is ignorance, homophobia, racism, and sexism-which you seem to have contracted from your own family. Please check your homophobia and misogyny at the door next time, or I WILL for you.

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