Brangelina DENIED Pet Adoption…

Apparently animal shelters have much more stringent and vigorous filters for prospective adoptive families. Just recently the infamous couple decided to adopt from Vietnam and paired it with what they thought would be a much easier adoption-at an animal shelter. But according to the animal shelter, the two were much less prepared to be puppy parents as their questionnaire was haphazardly filled out.

“First, they did not meet our six month’s residency requirement. Then
under the why-do-you-want-a-pet question, they wrote, ‘As a companion
for our children.’ That’s not always a red flag, but two of their
children are too young to behave responsibly around puppies, and we
got the impression the couple wasn’t through having and adopting
chldren yet. Frankly, they came uncomfortably close to matching
our ‘collectors’ profile”

One has to wonder whether the couple’s adoption papers may have looked similar. But of course adoption processes are taken much more seriously since a human life is on the line, unlike the adoption of abandoned puppies at an animal shelter. It sounds as if they were uncomfortably close to matching the token third-world humanitarian collectors profile.

Well I suppose you really can’t compare puppy adoption to baby adoption, but Angelina and Brad are starting to blur the lines, and if their nonchalant attitude toward adopting animals is anything like their intentions for adopting children, then perhaps international adoption agencies should look to the animal shelters to adjust their client intake evaluation counseling methods.


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